Why Employee Happiness Is Equal To Customer Happiness?

By Robert M. Keay

Why Employee Happiness Is Equal To Customer Happiness?

If there’s something you need to know to get your business to be totally successful is an ongoing and fluent stream of happy customers. Actually, some may say that the “key” to achieve customer happiness is “employee happiness”.

Knowing all of this, the equation is pretty simple:

Employee happiness = Customer happiness.

Happy employees are, basically, the foundation of a successful company, which also builds solid customer relationships.

Here are some reasons why happy employees are equal to happy customers:

Better Relationships With Customers

Some key elements when you’re trying to achieve goals like better customer relationships are presence, attentiveness, and attitude. A happy workplace makes an employee be more present and more supportive and faster in attending customer needs.

Besides that, in a happy workplace, there’s a way better attitude towards work. This good attitude is carried by employees and passed on to customers.

Happy employees tend to give a high-quality service which usually results in increased customer loyalty and happiness.

Knowledgeable Service

In addition to the above, happy employees are used to staying with a company for a longer period of time. Being this good for business, it’s also good for customers.

Employees who have worked in a place for a long time not only just have more experience, but provide better customer service as well.

The Company’s Best Face Shows Off

Besides a positive attitude which promotes positive customer experiences, employees who are happy with their workplace actually want to see the company they work for do well.

Being motivated tends to make employees innovative and will push them to provide customers with an amazing experience.

How To Create A Happy Workplace

Creating a workplace which promotes employee happiness is one of the best things you can do for your company or business. Studies have shown that employees who feel engaged and happy at work tend to be even more productive and innovative.

There are some steps that you can follow to get your business on the happiness train, such as continuously collecting feedback on core areas of employee experiences; then, facilitating an open platform to address the issues and discussing ideas to improve the company; and finally, it’s imperative to implement the mentioned improvements.

An example of all that’s been already said is the incredible success of food chains such as Starbucks or McDonald’s, which mainly focus on their employees’ happiness.

A happy workplace has too many effects on a company’s performance, ranging from better relationships with customers, which is awesomely important, to showing the best face of the business.