Measure employee happiness and engagement

Being the first of its kind in the region, happytraq helps you measure and improve workplace happiness and engagement through its advanced features by gathering, analyzing and acting on employee feedback.

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Gather opinions and feedback per employee through the happytraq application with questions bespoke to your organisation in under 30 seconds.


Turn raw data into instant insights with our intuitive dashboards and advanced reporting tools, giving you a clear visualization of the work environment


Understand and make decisions be it to drive further success, change situations, or thanking your employee's for their honesty.


Customer Happiness is a result of Employee Happiness

We’ve been assessing organisations for years, and have always advised that customer happiness is a result of employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees are likely to assist customers with a more pleasant demeanor and a higher level of customer service. This creates a more satisfying customer experience, increases customer loyalty, and ultimately drives increased profitability.

This inspired us to create a platform, helping organisations communicate and understand their employees better so they can act upon it to increase happiness and engagement at workplaces.

Robert M. Keay

CEO, Ethos Integrated Solutions

“I foresee increasing investment in Employee Happiness resulting in increased Customer Happiness across every sector of business and government”


How our software is different

Being the first of its kind in the region, happytraq helps you measure and improve workplace happiness and engagement through its advanced features by gathering, analyzing and acting on employee feedback


Responses are never exposed. Only aggregated results are presented so that organisations have the data they need to take action and improve.

Compare and Benchmark

Compare and identify the best achieving departments in your company with Trend Reports, Benchmark Reports, and periodical reports.

Instant Chats

Reply to feedback and allow employees to reply anonymously to create a conversation.

Weekly Polls

Enables you to stay up to date with what’s going on so you know where to focus your attention.

No Log-in Required

Ease up employees time to participate without password hassles

Custom Branding

Customize the branding to engage more with your employees.

Bilingual Platform

Supports English & Arabic languages with more coming soon.

Safety & security

High security measures ensure safety and security of your organisation’s data.

Custom dashboards

Divide and compare employee moods by teams, departments, locations or branches.

Assign roles

Multiple access levels depending on the employee, guaranteeing safe management of your information.

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Why Happytraq

Why happytraq

We are passionate about assisting organisations find, ensure and sustain a happy work environment for their employees.

Why happytraq

By asking employees to spend a couple of minutes to answer a quick poll, we help you collect feedback and measure your work environment happiness from an employee point of view.

Why happytraq

Every employee opinion is valuable, we make sure everyone is heard by building better communications and understanding between leaders and employees.

Why happytraq

Improve unsatisfactory aspects by evaluating your employee's happiness and satisfaction on different aspects. happytraq makes it easier to take the right decision.


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