How Mystery Shopping Can Improve The Customer Experience

By Robert M. Keay

How Mystery Shopping Can Improve The Customer Experience

Mystery shopping is an effective method for businesses to get insights and information about customer experience, something they would never usually have access to. Many customers willingly voice about their dissatisfaction with a product/service. However, the vast majority of customers will not voluntarily share their experience.

Most Customers Don’t Voice Out Unsatisfying Customer Experience

These customers likely don’t have the time. It could be because they don’t want an employee to get into trouble by voicing out their unsatisfying experience. However, most of them will tell their family or friends about it. Due to most customers not willing to share their thoughts, there’s a missing critical insight necessary to improve business practice.

It is where mystery shopping tools come into play, providing the missing insight and allowing businesses to deal with the issues right away. As a result, the company can minimize any possible negative impact. Mystery shopping uses unbiased shoppers to make observations, check on store conditions, look at possible store problems, and provide statements regarding employees.

Here are some of the strategic benefits of using mystery shopping tools:

  • Helps you reinforce employee training and strengthen desired behaviors
  • Helps you monitor observance to company standards and measure the lost opportunities
  • Helps you coach employees on how to increase customer loyalty and sales
  • Helps you understand the existing gap between the experience of the customer and the company’s promised quality of service

Mystery Shopping Tools Allow You To Understand Customer Perspective

Mystery shopping provides you with complete insight, not with a mere ‘yes’ or ‘no’ only. In this practice, an experienced mystery shopper will take note of the experience when shopping or doing business with you and will evaluate every element of the experience, from when he entered down to when he checked out.

The evaluation of a mystery shopper does not only include the physical location of the store or the staff. At the same time, the mystery shopper will evaluate the process of the journey of the customer. The mystery shopper will see if elements are confusing, cumbersome or could be considered a hurdle in satisfying customer experience. Therefore, the mystery shopper will flag these issues with your company and will resolve it quickly.

Now, this is only one of the many things that a customer mystery shopping tool can provide. If your business is lacking insight necessary to tailor your services to lead to satisfying customer experience, customized mystery shopping services can help you. Learn more about these programs and see if mystery shopping is what you need to improve the standards of your customer service.