Preparing For National Customer Service Week 2018

By Robert M. Keay

Preparing For National Customer Service Week 2018

National Customer Service Week 2018 is fast approaching and all the organizations in Dubai and organizations worldwide are prepping for it. Held between Oct. 1 and 5, the week is set aside yearly to raise awareness for customer service and to showcase the efforts customer service agents put in to grow and maintain an organization’s economy.

During the celebratory week, each day is assigned a customer service related theme around which organizations can hold discussions on and also identify areas they’re good at and improve the one’s they fall short in.

Below are the themes for this year’s National Customer Service Week:

Monday – Insight
Getting to know your customers plays a great role in improving your customer service. You can dedicate the first day of the week to gaining insight by organizing activities that make your customer service agents understand the behavior of your customers. These activities will put your agents in the customer’s shoes and will help them gain an in-depth understanding of the customer’s mentality and will also teach your team how to best deliver to customers.

Tuesday – Agility
In the field of customer service, not every day is alike. There’ll be some customers who’ll be easy to deal with and some who’ll come up with questions/issues which you might not already be aware of so being agile is one of the most important characteristics in customer service. To adapt to new realities and deal efficiently with unpredictable and challenging customers, you should not only create agile processes or delivery models but also make sure that each of the team member lives and breathes agility.

Wednesday – Skills
To improve interaction with your customers and build a long lasting relationship, it’s very important to identify and nurture customer service skills in your organization. To identify the skills, you should hold a survey or a discussion with your customers and try to find out what “skills” they particularly like about your team and which skills need to be improved.

Thursday – Leadership
The quality of customer service highly depends on its leadership, all the way from the CEO level to the frontline customer service agents. You should setup a discussion where the top-level leadership (like the CEO, Managers etc) and frontline staff get together to discuss the impact of your current customer service strategy on sales and share opinions and suggestions on how the strategy can further be improvised to meet the organization’s goals and objectives.

Friday – Recognition
Everyone loves recognition and appreciation. When you appreciate your customer service team, they’ll work even harder and put in more effort to excel in their performance. An efficient customer service team is essential to your organization’s growth so it’s very important to celebrate them and recognize them for their efforts. On the last day of the customer service week, make sure you plan activities that evaluate each of your team member’s contribution to your organization and then recognize their efforts, based on the evaluation.