A guide to improving customer experience with social media sentiment analysis

By Robert M. Keay

A guide to improving customer experience with social media sentiment analysis

Success in business is often heavily correlated to the satisfaction of its customers. This is why it is so important to place emphasis on customer satisfaction and on improving the experience of every customer.

Companies should always be looking to make their customers happier, even if their scores are already pretty good. One way to improve the customer experience is through social media sentiment analysis. This is the practice of analyzing your organization’s standing through the social media actions of your customers.

To learn more about this practice, read on below for a quick guide.

Understand Your Customer’s Feelings
Sentiment analysis will take customer posts on your social media sites and create feedback to help you get a better understanding of their opinions. It is important to know if they like your product or service and using social media can be a powerful tool to help you gauge customers’ feelings about your company.

Respond to Problems in Real Time
The advanced algorithms of sentiment analysis tools can help to flag negative posts about your company, allowing live human representatives to address them almost immediately. This means that you can interact with disgruntled customers in a quick, proactive way to help them solve their grievances. This will help show that your company is committed to providing the best services for all of your customers.

Gain insight for new development
Social media users may post suggestions about how you can improve a product or service, or even give an idea to a new item that you could add to your catalog. AI analytics can pick up on ideas that received positive feedback, allowing your development team to analyze them manually and determine if they might be a good fit for your company. Essentially, you can use sentiment analysis to help your company introduce new, successful products and services.

Create new Marketing Campaigns
By analyzing the content of social media user’s posts, you can help your marketing team put out new, targeted campaigns. With a better understanding of your customer’s feelings and ideas, you will know which strengths to promote and which weaknesses to work on. Your social media marketing campaign is a huge part to the success of your company, and social media sentiment analysis can give you a great deal of information about this. It is a tool to be used to push your brand and gain awareness.