5 Customer Service Skills Every Employee Needs

By Robert M. Keay

5 Customer Service Skills Every Employee Needs

You’re good at customer service when you still project a professional and friendly tone even when you are tired or grumpy. Even if you are not working in customer service, improving your people skills is still a good idea. Below are 5 customer service skills that every employee should master.

1: Communication
Excessive slang, casual tone, poor grammar, and misspellings can make you look unprofessional. If you have poor written and verbal skills, you should start improving it now. You should express yourself articulately and clearly. Excellent communication skills will make it easier for you to deal with different kinds of customers.

2: Adaptability
You should be able to read people. Every person has his or her own quirks. You should be able to adapt to the situation. If you are too rigid, you will appear uncaring and fake.

3: Patience
Patience is a virtue. Being patient is the most effective way of dealing with customers. Never rush people off the phone or out the door without hearing their concerns or making sure they are satisfied with your service. Always show that you’re paying attention to them. Repeat back essential details to show that you’re listening and you understand what they want.

4: Respect
Always show respect. You can do this by using the name of the person you’re talking to, making eye contact, listening when they speak, not looking bored and not interrupting them. If you are not used to doing these actions, do your best to include them in your daily interactions as it will then become a habit and will come to you naturally in the future.

5: Knowledge
It is crucial that you know your company, job, product or service accurately. You should be an expert when it comes to your responsibilities and role. When you know everything, you will not have a hard time answering someone when they come to you for help. You will not be forced to tell them that you are not familiar with your job.

Improving your creativity can also help you a lot. Being able to think outside of the box and working around solutions is a great asset that will be valuable to your career and company. Try to think of something even when the current situation seems hopeless. Stay confident and tenacious until you think of a solution. Even if your solution is not the answer, everyone will certainly admire your enthusiasm.