Top 5 tools for improving customer experience

By Robert M. Keay

Top 5 tools for improving customer experience

Improving customer experience has resulted in improved sales and profit margins for companies all around the world.

In this article, you will learn some of the tools and strategies you should employ to improve customer experience with your brand.

Live chat boxes are a great way to connect with customers who have busy schedules. Many customers can’t call during some customer service business hours due to their work and personal lives, but they can open up the chat box on their computer and multi-task.

Adding a chat box to your website is a great way to better communicate with your customers and give them an opportunity to voice concerns or ask questions.

Analytics of how well your company is performing online will give you a good idea on your target market and customer reach. This will help you tailor your website, marketing, and branding to your target audience so that their experience is more enjoyable. One free tool is Google Analytics, but there are thousands of other similar tools lout there that you could use.

After a customer receives their order or service, it can be helpful to use a text app to ask them about their experience. This can act as feedback, or you can use the app to thank them for their order.

Either way, you’re going to make a lasting impression.

Responding online can really improve customer experience and might even result in someone choosing to try your products/services again, even after a bad experience.
On social media, respond to your reviews. If you come across a bad one, try to remedy the situation so the customer feels appreciated.

Lastly, ask for feedback or put up polls to see how customers feel about their experience. You can do this with a follow-up email after a purchase, or you can do it on social media platforms like Twitter. Whatever you do, just be sure to allow your customers to submit honest feedback on their experience so you know what to improve on.

With customer experience being so important in today’s society, you’ve got to make it a priority by implementing atleast some of the above mentioned tools to improve the overall customer experience.