4 Customer Service Tips That Every Sales Person Needs

By Robert M. Keay

4 Customer Service Tips That Every Sales Person Needs

Being good at customer service is really important for a sales person to be successful. Creating a great customer experience requires great sales skills. As salespersons are the one who directly interact with the customers, they must know all the tips and tricks to convince and keep the customers retained.

Below are some customer service tips that every sales person needs:

As a salesperson, showing empathy to your customers is really important. Understanding your customer’s needs, wants and demands and fulfilling those requirements accordingly makes the customers feel like they’re being valued.

Understanding your customer’s actual concerns is really important but making them feel comfortable is also as important. If you notice that the customer is hesitating to ask questions about a particular service/product then make them feel comfortable by asking them to share their concerns freely.

The best sales people are not those who blindly follow a sales script and just try to get away with the cold call. It’s true that many organizations today have a sales script that the salesperson has to follow but there will be some instances when the salesperson will have to think and make a decision singlehandedly – without a sales script.

Salespeople need to learn to read the customer’s signal and then adjust the sales pitch/script accordingly – as a script will never be enough to close a sale.

Great salespeople listen more than they talk. This is because listening carefully to a customer can help you explore their mind, which in turn can help you in preparing an effective customer service strategy.

Sales people always have to keep “the listening potion” in their pockets. Listening to customer requirements and paying attention to their ideas, suggestions or concerns will indicate the level of respect and importance you have for your customers and as a result, your customers will probably turn to your business for their future needs.

Giving credence to a customer’s complaint does not mean that there is something wrong with your product or service – it in fact, helps you build a level of trust with your customer.

Customer complaints should be handled very tactfully – giving credence to customer complaints will not only help you retain your customers but you might also get an opportunity to introduce them to your other products/services.